Heartfelt Studio is anchored in expertise and a deep understanding of the dynamics of your wedding day. We acknowledge that your special day is filled with can’t-miss moments. That's why we have a dedicated team of two full-time photographers who have years of experience and provide full-day coverage; we want to ensure that not a single moment escapes our lens, allowing us to artfully document every candid, heartfelt instance with finesse.

Drawing from our years of experience, we skillfully guide you towards capturing the best photographs that authentically reflect your unique love story. We understand that your wedding day can be overwhelming and we want you to have complete confidence in our team. Trust us to be there every step of the way, capturing extraordinary moments, and ensuring that your love story is immortalized with creativity and precision.

Elevate your memories and create a truly remarkable visual experience with us. Our team's seamless coordination and exceptional chemistry ensure that no precious moment goes unnoticed. While our primary focus is on capturing extraordinary moments through photography, we also recognize the power of film in immortalizing the emotions and atmosphere of your special day. Click here to explore our cinematography coverage and discover how our heartfelt approach seamlessly captures the essence of your love story from multiple perspectives.

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event and should be treated as such!


Pleasandale Chateau

Blydenburgh Preserve & Old Field Club

The Mansion at Glen Cove

Bayardcutting Arboretum & ´╗┐Watermill Caterers

~ Ashley & Kyle

To add to that they are also super fun to be around and they make you feel so comfortable."

Photography Highlights

We put plans in motion the moment you reach out to us. Securing the date and the team so you have a peace of mind knowing who exactly will be the team for your wedding.

Since we are often the only vendor who's with you the entire day, a very thorough meeting will be scheduled to go over all the details of your wedding.



We also offer wedding films making your wedding day coverage truly complete