A Winter Romance

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In the midst of a rare snow day, love bloomed in the crisp air as Samantha and Matthew exchanged vows at the Church of St Patrick in Huntington, NY. Winter weddings have a unique charm, and theirs was no exception. It was a day marked not just by the beauty of the season but by poignant reminders of love, sacrifice, and family.

What made this wedding even more special was the presence of Samantha's father, a hero of 9/11. His legacy of bravery and service infused the ceremony with a profound sense of honor and remembrance. As the couple exchanged vows, Samantha's father's engine arrived, a symbol of support and love from beyond the veil of time and space.

Under the flashing lights of the fire truck, Samantha and Matthew pledged their love to each other, forever captured in the moment under her father's name, proudly painted on the fire truck. It was a poignant reminder that love endures, even in the face of loss and separation.

The reception that followed was nothing short of magical. The emerald society pipes, in a heartfelt tribute to the family's sacrifice, filled the Westbury Manor ballroom with the impactful melodies of songs. Tears of both sorrow and joy mingled as guests were moved by the raw emotion and deep significance of the moment. It was a testament to the power of love to transcend all boundaries and hardships.

As Samantha and Matthew danced their first dance as husband and wife, surrounded by the warmth of family and friends, it was clear that their love was a beacon of hope and light, even on the coldest of days. Theirs was a love story that would endure the test of time, a testament to the enduring power of love in all its forms. And don't forget their Irish family tradition of drunk singing and chanting!

In the embrace of winter's embrace, Samantha and Matthew found not only the beauty of the season but also the beauty of love in its purest form. Their wedding was a reminder that love knows no season, no boundaries, and no limits. And on this rare snow day, their love shone brightly, illuminating the hearts of all who were fortunate enough to witness it.


Cinematographers | Heartfelt Studio

Bridal Gown | Bridal Reflection

Makeup | Rossy Castillo

Hair | Hair by Amanda Perry

Florist | Pedestals Floral Decorators

Entertainment | High Voltage Entertainment

Car Service | Camelot Limo

Check out how the couple planned their wedding itinerary

Bride Getting Ready (Prep) 

  • 10:00am to 12:00pm | Huntington, NY
  • This is our coverage time but we advised Samantha to get her hair and make up done between 10:00am and 10:30am
  • Please make sure to community with the makeup artist and hair stylist about the schedule so there’s no delay resulting in very little time for actually putting on the dress.

Groom Getting Ready Prep) 

  • 10:30am to 11:30am | Hicksville, NY
  • Groom & Groomsmen are usually easier, there aren’t too many details that’s why we don’t need more than an hour with them

Travel time to the Church


  • 01:00pm to 01:45pm | Church of St Patrick, Huntington, NY
  • Full mass ceremony at the Church is usually 45 minutes to an hour. Guests usually start showing up 30 minutes before starting.

Family Portraits

  • 02:00pm to 02:45pm | Church of St Patrick, Huntington, NY
  • We want to take care of the family portraits first since everyone’s already at the church. It is also one of the more traditional part of the wedding.
  • We also couldn’t get to Westbury Manor until 3pm so it only make sense to capture as much as we can.
  • ***VERY IMPORTANT!*** Find out your earliest arrival time from the Venue!


  • If you decide to have a Winter Wedding, please understand that day light will be shorter and any time restrictions and delays from the ceremony and venue arrival time can potentially shorten your creative portrait session outdoor.
  • We often have to resort to using the Indoor lighting at the wedding venue without little to zero control and it’s not always the most ideal environment for creative photos and cinematography.

More Family Portraits & Creative Session

  • 03:30pm to 04:45pm | Westbury Manor, Westbury, NY
  • The Sunset was around 4:30pm so we tackled the creative session first of the couple and the wedding party outdoor while there was still some day light left and snow coincidentally began to fall!
  • We took care of Samantha & Matthew’s extended family portrait as people began to arrive at the wedding venue.
  • You never want to schedule your wedding day itinerary back to back without any break. You are here to celebrate your milestone, to have a good time! Please do remember to take a break.


  • 06:00pm - 07:00pm | Westbury Manor, Westbury, NY
  • The Bride and the Groom decided to mingle and entertain their guests


  • 07:00pm - 11:00pm | Westbury Manor, Westbury, NY
  • Parteh!