Over the past few years, we’ve had the privilege of photographing stunning weddings, ceremonies, and wedding portraits at the Vanderbilt Museum. Located in Centerport, New York, the Vanderbilt Museum’s Spanish Revival architecture offers a variety of unique event spaces and is a timeless location for an unforgettable experience. The reflecting pool that overlooks the gorgeous Northport Harbor combined with the continuous lush gardens and the grand Courtyard make the Vanderbilt Museum the perfect place for your wedding.

Here's the best part: even if you can't have your whole wedding here, it's an amazing spot for those must-have wedding photos. Whether it's catching the sunset over the lake or using the charming architecture as your backdrop, the Vanderbilt Museum will give you stunning visuals that'll capture your love story beautifully.

For couples in search of Long Island wedding photographers and cinematographers who can expertly capture these magical moments at the Vanderbilt Museum, we're here to turn your dreams into cherished memories. Our team specializes in creating timeless images and films that reflect the unique beauty of your special day at this remarkable venue.