Due to my typically hectic schedule and heavy workload, I rarely have the opportunity to participate in community events. However, this morning presented a rare chance for me to document and experience the Annual Lunar New Year morning celebration hosted by EM Baker Elementary School, my daughter's school in Great Neck, Long Island.

Each year, on the first day of school after the Lunar New Year, the school invites local volunteers to help welcome students as they arrive by buses and cars. Parents and children adorned in lion costumes danced joyously through the crowds wish everyone a lucky and blessed year, while others collaborated in performing the dragon dance. It was a truly spectacular morning, filled with energy and excitement.

Personally, I felt immensely satisfied as the short film I've edited came to life. I am grateful to the school for promoting diversity and embracing my culture.

As both a parent and a local business owner, I recognize that we are nothing without a strong community. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found mine.

Lunar New Year Celebration

at EM Baker Elementary