Why You Should Do an Engagement Shoot

With the long list of to-dos and expenses that come with planning a wedding, you may find yourself wondering if engagement photos are important. To some, they may not seem that important, but we disagree! We think engagement photos are almost as important as your wedding day photos as they capture the once-in-a-lifetime excitement about getting to marry the one you love most. Below are the top three reasons why we highly recommend doing an engagement shoot:

1. Get comfortable around the camera. Not a fan of having your photo taken? Unsure how to pose and not look uncomfortable? Don’t know where to put your hands? Most of us are uncomfortable around a camera. Engagement sessions are a good way to get more relaxed and comfortable so you know what to expect for your wedding day.

2. Document this exciting time in your lives. Being engaged is such a big milestone in your lives! You will never regret having high-quality photographs to cherish and pass down to your family.

3. Get to know us! During your engagement session, we’ll have a chance to talk, swap stories, share laughs, and get to know each other on a more personal level, all of which help make the wedding day run that much smoother. We’ll be together for hours on your wedding day, we want to make it fun!