Did you know that Heartfelt Studio has a physical studio? Located in Great Neck our studio is the perfect location for some indoor photographs on your wedding day. Whether you're looking for a picturesque spot to get ready, a cozy refuge from the rain, or a beautifully lit indoor setting, our studio is the perfect location.

Rain on Your Wedding Day?

Rain might bring good luck, but it can also bring worry about your wedding photos. While we will always monitor the weather and will do our best to get those outdoor portraits, it’s always good to have a backup option! Our studio offers an inviting atmosphere that ensures your photos are stunning, no matter the weather outside.

Having a Winter Wedding?

Winter weddings have a special charm, but the early sunset can pose a challenge. Don't let the lack of natural light dim your day. Our studio's state-of-the-art lighting creates a bright, sun-kissed ambiance, ensuring your photos are radiant and full of life, even after the sun goes down. Not to mention we’ll keep you warm! 

Flexible Timing for Your Convenience

Restricted venue access? Early morning preparations? We understand these constraints. That's why Heartfelt Studio is open for you whenever you need it. Begin your day in a serene and stylish environment, ideal for capturing those precious 'getting ready' moments.

Need a Getting Ready Space? 

Swap the ordinary hotel room for our extraordinary studio space. Designed with sophistication, our studio provides the perfect backdrop for every detail of your wedding attire and those intimate moments with your bridal party. Every corner of our studio is a photo opportunity waiting to happen.

Choosing Heartfelt Studio for your wedding day means embracing peace of mind, elegance, and convenience. Our studio location, complete with professional photography and videography services, ensures that every moment of your special day is captured beautifully, no matter the circumstances.