Your engagement photos should reflect your story, your journey, and the places that hold meaning for you. Amanda and Nicholas understood this when they picked Brooklyn DUMBO as the backdrop for their shoot. Why? Because it's where Nicholas proposed. And their photos came out amazing!

DUMBO, short for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, isn't just any neighborhood. It's a cool mix of old industrial vibes, diverse culture, and a lot of history. Plus, it's where Amanda and Nicholas feel at home. As influencers, they vibe with the lively energy of the place, and it totally shows in their photos.

Timing matters too. They went for the golden hour – the final hour before the sun sets under the horizon and everything looks warm and dreamy. However due the fact that the Sun sets behind high rises of Manhattan, I usually like to start the session anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour before the Golden Hour. This way the glow of the Sun doesn't disappear completely behind the buildings.

Their first stop was by the DUMBO Manhattan Bridge View. Towering above the couple, it made for a dramatic backdrop. For you movie nuts, this is the location where the poster for "Once a Time in America" was photographed. Of course, they had to hop on Jane's Carousel for a few shots. It's this vintage carousel that brings out the kid in everyone. Their laughter and smiles were priceless.

Finally, they wrapped up at the Brooklyn Bridge Park with the breathtaking New York City Skyline as the background, perfect for classic romantic strolls! . Amanda and Nicholas shared some sweet moments as the sun dipped below the horizon, painting the sky in shades of pink and orange.

Choosing DUMBO for their engagement photos wasn't just about picking a pretty spot. It was about capturing their love story in a place that means something to them. And looking at their photos, you can see that they nailed it!

a couple during engagement photo session walking happily on cobble stone street in DUMBO Brooklyn
a couple in love getting affectionate near a brick wall building in DUMBO Brooklyn
couple during engagement session walking pass the DUMBO Manhattan Bridge View intersection
Bride looking back to the camera while walking with her fiancé on the cobble street of Brooklyn
Engagement photo of a groom looking away
couple hugging each other against a brick building in DUMBO Brooklyn.
Sun casting shadows on the couple during their engagement photo session by Heartfelt Studio making the photo dramatic
couple hugging on the cobble stone street against a brick building.
sunset silhouette of the engaged couple by the BUMBO waterfront
full body photograph of a couple happily walking through the DUMBO waterfont